Microline Surgical develops and manufactures a diverse portfolio of surgical devices for various specialties, providing precise, safe, and efficient surgical procedures with a focus on improving patient care and safety.

Renew Handpieces

All Microline reusable hand held instruments come in 25, 34 and 42cm shaft lengths to fit any Microline scissor, grasper, or dissector tip, providing surgeons with the sharpest blades for every procedure.

  • Over 30 tip designs
  • ReNew IV Handpiece
  • ReNew IV Ratcheted Handpiece
  • ReNew RS Bariatric Handpiece
  • ReNew RS Bariatric Ratcheted Handpiece
  • Cautery Post for ReNew Handpieces
  • Ring Inserts

Multi-Fire Laparoscopic Clip Applier (M/L 10)

All M/L-10 clip appliers fire 19 medium/large titanium clips from a disposable cartridge and ensure a secure clip with multi-fire capability.

  • Cross pattern design
  • 2 to 5 mm vessel/cystic duct ligation capability
  • Surgical-grade titanium
  • Tips-first closure sequence for maximum ligating capability and dependability
  • Consistent, uniform closure

Precision Cut Scissors

All Microline disposable scissors receive an electro-chemical treatment, resulting in a clean cut along the entire length of the blade to ensure that the last cut is as precise as the first.

Microline Precision Endocut Scissor

  • Endocut Scissor

Microline Precision Mini Endocut Scissor

  • Mini Endocut Scissor

Microline Precision Metzenbaum Scissor

  • Metzenbaum Scissor

Microline Precision Delicate Metzenbaum Scissor

  • Delicate Metzenbaum Scissor

Microline Precision Micro Scissor

  • Micro Scissor

Microline Precision Hook Scissor

  • Hook Scissor

Control Tip Graspers

All Microline disposable tips offer precise grasping and increased response.

Microline Control Tip Grabber

  • Grabber

Microline Control Tip Laplinch

  • Laplinch

Microline Control Tip Cobra Tooth

  • Cobra Tooth

Microline Control Tip Allis Grasper

  • Allis Grasper

Microline Control Tip Traditional

  • Traditional

Microline Control Tip Modified Traditional

  • Modified Traditional

Microline Control Tip 5mm Babcock

  • 5mm Babcock

Microline Control Tip 10mm Babcock

  • 10mm Babcock

Microline Control Tip Long Fenestrated

  • Long Fenestrated

Microline Control Tip Modified Traditional Babcock

  • Modified Traditional Babcock

Microline Control Tip Hunter

  • Hunter

Microline Control Tip Fenestrated

  • Fenetsrated

Microline Control Tip Micro Fenestrated

  • Micro Fenestrated

Microline Control Tip Modified Raptor

  • Modified Raptor

Super Atraumatic Graspers

All Microline graspers feature non-latex soft insert that reduces force on tissue, minimizing the risk of tissue tears and perforations during surgical procedures.

Microline Atrau Grabber

  • Atrau Grabber

Microline Atrau Modified Raptor

  • Atrau Modified Raptor

Microline Atrau Fenestrated

  • Atrau Fenestrated

Microline Atrau Short Grabber

  • Atrau Short Grabber

Control Tip Dissectors

All Microline disposable tips offer precise dissection and increased response.

Microline Control Tip Dolphin Nose

  • Dolphin Nose

Microline Control Tip Traditional Maryland

  • Traditional Maryland

Microline Control Tip Modified Maryland

  • Modified Maryland

Microline Control Tip Micro Dissector

  • Micro Dissector

Microline Control Tip 5mm Right Angle

  • 5mm Right Angle

Microline Control Tip 10mm Right Angle

  • 10mm Right Angle

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