Delmont Imaging aims to enhance patient care and management with innovative and effective solutions that minimize trauma. Their products align with the outpatient surgery trend and the “See & Treat” approach to healthcare.


The iCare endoscopy camera is designed for dedicated rooms, offering high-definition imaging with a CMOS sensor of over 2 million pixels and LED light source. Its compact control unit saves space without sacrificing performance, making it an ideal solution for optimal patient care.

  • Images settings for performance
  • Proven connectivity
  • Intuitive navigation and clear display of key information
  • A powerful and adjustable LED source


See & Treat protocol offers the benefit of performing procedures in the consulting room during diagnostic hysteroscopy. EasyCare provides efficient and comprehensive equipment with smart sheaths and a set of 7Fr. instrumentation for precise and immediate results.

  • HD Hysteroscope: Unmatched performances and outstanding durability
  • Inner atraumatic 4.9 mm sheath
  • Rotatable stopcock
  • Quick lock
  • Distance markings
  • The 7Fr.* efficiency


ReseCare is a small but efficient 18.5Fr 6mm resectoscope that offers precise and efficient surgery with fewer stages of dilation. It is easy to use, reduces fluid absorption, and is comfortable for women patients.

  • HD hysteroscope: unmatched performances and outstanding durability
  • Quality to the last detail
  • Quick lock
  • Comfort and precision guaranteed
  • Inner rotatable sheath

Mangeshikar Uterine Manipulator

The Mangeshikar improves handling and accuracy during the procedure with different diameters of caps and sizes of intra-uterine inserts that can match all patients’ morphologies. After the procedure, the cap can be removed, and you can put it back in the vagina to keep the airtightness and complete the surgery properly.

  • Reusable
  • Fast & easy assembly
  • Ergonomic
  • Efficient uterus holding
  • Removable cap
  • Protects organs during resections

Colposcopy System

Manufactured in Germany, the optical components of our colposcopes guarantee perfect image quality and high-precision examinations. Along with the intuitive Report generated by our application imagynTM, you can truly enhance your patient communication.

  • Many accessories available
  • Adaptive ergonomics
  • iCare+ imaging state
  • Enhanced optical system
  • imagynTM single database application
  • Easily identifies areas

Key to Transforming Healthcare

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