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Pioneers in disposable & portable laparoscopes along with many other single-use devices to serve the endoscopy and endoscopic related surgeries nationwide.

Zero Capital Investments

No need to invest in tower monitors, surgery can be conducted virtually anywhere.

No Availability Issues

No more holding/postponing surgeries, fully functional and sterile scopes available at all times.

No Reprocessing

All scopes are disposable, eliminating need for sterilising, documentation, surveillance and storage.

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Specialties Covered
Lower start up costs

Our sterile, non pyrogenic scopes and accessories are intended to be used in diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy and endoscopic procedures.

Specialties covered.

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Peritoneal Cavity

Diagnosis of organs related to subspecialties of Urology, Gastroenterology and Bariartics.

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Thoracic Cavity

Diagnosis of diseases related to the organs in the chest cavity.

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Female Reproductive Organs System

Diagnosis of diseases related to the female reproductive organs.

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