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Our Story

In Kuberan Healthcare Sdn Bhd, we have always believed in cost-effective medical devices for the Malaysian healthcare system that doesn’t compromise on quality, technology and availability. We have never stopped asking ‘why not’ which brought us to the ‘how’ and today we are privileged to represent, import and distribute a range of innovative medical devices that speaks of our values. Being the pioneer in Disposable and Portable Laparoscopes, our quality management system is GDPMD approved and our devices are FDA cleared with CE mark approved by the Malaysian Medical Devices Authority. Our medical devices, specialising in scopes, are sterile, single-use and disposable with embedded latest technology in digitalisation and imaging system to serve the healthcare community better and faster. We walk hand in hand with prestigious partners who constantly thrive to innovate, act and produce the right medical device for the Malaysian Healthcare Institutions. Our range of single-use and sterile medical devices ultimately combats hospital acquired infections. Contact us to ‘switch’ to a better and safer healthcare.

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Medical Background

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a global medical emergency especially affecting the healthcare sector. As healthcare providers, new policies and adaptations are deemed necessary to curb the spread of the virus, or any infection for that matter. People have become infection-conscious and it is the responsibility of professionals to provide safe and infection-free treatments. Our range of single-use and sterile medical devices is the solution to contemporary healthcare; ensuring patient safety with an affordable and direct setup. Explore further to see how it is all done.



Partner with stakeholders to integrate innovation, technology and quality towards providing affordable and sterile medical devices for a population with optimum infection prevention and Control.



Replace Reusable and Reprocessed medical devices with single-use and reposable technology throughout the Malaysian healthcare industry.



Our values abide by the concept of:
‘A medical device representative for the healthcare, by the healthcare and of the healthcare’

  • Integrity with transparency
  • Tech-savvy & Innovative
  • Personal accountability
  • Quality and affordability
  • Commitment: Acquisition, Distribution, Post-market surveillance



1. Increase Brand Awareness

  • Education
  • Exposure

2. Improve Customer service

  • Pre-sales, post-sales
  • Clinical & Economical Value

3. Achieve Development & Growth

  • Revenue & Earnings
  • Innovation & Technology

4. Sustainable Development Goals

  • Waste Management: Goal #12 Ensure Sustainable Consumption and Production Patterns

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